Bnai Avraham

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Our Hanukah party.

It was never called Bnai Avraham Hanukah party. Iím not even sure if it is proper to include these past events to this list.

However those parties were the cradles of the idea of forming such a group as Bnai Avraham. The first time we saw the necessity to call for an organization devoted to the needs of our specific category of Yidden, was when we met on those events.

It started at home of one of our dear friends, in†the BoroPark section ofBrooklyn. In later times we moved this event to a bigger room in one of the Boro Parkís Simcha Halls.

Some people are coming back every year. Some people we saw only once or twice. Some people donít want to be identified at all. One thing that we are sure about is,

that every year people come and bring more and more children for whom we focus, when weíre thinking about the programs for those Hanukah Parties.


At this moment it is more dream than plan. But we will work on it B-H and we hope to have a Shabaton for us at the beginning of the next civil year. Exactly when and where will be announced as we work everything out.

The general idea is as follows: As Gerim, their spouses and children of Gerim, we have specific experiences and needs. Some of us have problems that may be solved just by meeting and schmoozing with people like themselves. We want to spend Shabbos and maybe even longer with families and individuals who feel the same necessity to give something to each other. We hope to have some speakers from among respected Rabbonim that will talk about important topics.

Shabbos services will be provided for all attendants, as will be meals. We are planning to divide the groups of separate categories, such as: Experienced and new Gerim, Spouses, and Youth, plus a Childrenís program. All groups will be meeting in separate times and places according to Halacha and holly customs of Klal Yisrael. Although people affiliated with Charedi communities will organize it everybody is welcome. We understand that you may have different customs matching that of your community and it is ok with us. We may always learn something from each other. As usually we welcome new ideas and proposals.

One more important piece of information. As we mentioned in other place all activities are by volunteers. We have almost no funds. This Shabaton will be necessarily to pay for. How much it will be we donít know yet exactly but the cost per person should not be greater than $250.00 -$300.00 per person for two nights including all the meals. As we will get closer to the event we will make the calculations and let you know.

For the location of our Shabaton we will choose one of the major Jewish communities or we will meet in some quiet place where we will not be in focus of anybody. Meanwhile please†contact us †if you interested to participate in our event, as we will create the list of willing to come.† Also tell us about your preferences regarding the location and as was said, any good ideas are welcome.