Bnai Avraham

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Chesed Bnai Avraham is an initiative aroused from Gerim but not necessary only by Gerim or only for them

There are few of us, families or individuals, close or not so close friends. We somehow know each other and sometimes help or support each other. No one understands us, as others in a similar situation and with similar experience. No one understands better our specific needs or problems. Thatís why we think that we need each other.

Other People need to know about our challenges and hardships. But they also need our inspirational stories and testimonials. They like when we share our unique power of Emuna (faith) and Betuchen (trust) in our Creator. And it is truth we have a lot to learn but also a lot to offer. Thatís why we think it is necessary to have place like Bnai Avraham.

A few years ago some of us organized a Hanukah party for Gerim and their families, entire convert families or mixed, one spouse was Ger or Gioira the other BT or FFB.

It already went by a†few years. Every year was different regarding†the place of meeting, program and even number of people. Although one think was increasing every year. The amount of our children. This initiative is also about them and for them.

For more please see our†GOALS .

This website was created a couple of years ago. The financial side of this initiative was supported by Tzedaka money of one individual. Unfortunately this source has been drayed.

Now, more then ever we need your donation. To run this site, to do as much as we wish for our fellow brothers whose Neshamos were put in strange places; to do the most reminded Mitzvahs in the entire Torah. Help Gerim.

For donation please click on picture, you will be redirected to our donation site. We use safe Pay Pal service for donations.